Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kid Cudi Vs Drake ?

Well lately i have been having many arguments and debates about these two artists .
Most of the people i talk to be like "F*** Kid Cudi, Drake is way better than him".
Well, in my opinion, Kid Cudi is a better music artist than Drake.
First and foremost , lets talk about lyrical wise.
Most people would say that Drake has better lyrics , but in reality , i think that Drake just has better punchlines. I'm not saying that Drake is wack or anything , but i am just a little tired of hearing the same thing over and over. All these rappers talk about Money, Cars, Clothes, & H**s.
Drake made that pretty obvious -_- .
But Kid Cudi talks about life. Alot of the stuff he talks about , i can relate to. And i can feel what he is saying. I can just sit down all day and listen to all his songs , and i won't need to skip to the next one. See the problem with most of the people that dislike Kid Cudi , is that they are not "LISTENING". They don't try to understand what he is trying to say. I sometimes get chills listening to some of his songs like "The Prayer , Man on The Moon, Heart of A Lion" . I relate to them so much that i just feel it.
Well i dont want to make this post too long because i can keep on going for a while.
But if you haven't listened to Kid Cudi's Man on The Moon: End Of Day , you need to just play the whole album and listen to it. It is my favorite album of '09 .
I'm gonna finish by saying that CUDI IS UNDERRATED AND DRAKE IS OVERRATED!
if you feeling some type of way , feel free to comment .
- upso x3 .

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  1. Upso , i dead agree w. chu on that one. You know the only one that thinks about that a lot. it urks me to see that people like drake more because he is talking about all that bullshit that everyone else talks about. I relate ode to Kid Cudi also x3 =]