Sunday, October 4, 2009

Who am i ?

hello world , let me start off by saying that my name is Steven. If you don't know my last name, that is too bad ;D . Well i just felt like making a blog today because sometimes i wanna share my thoughts and all that crippity crappity stuff. Alot of people ask me and say "WTF is a upso?" . Well i got the name upso {up-soh} from an american graphic artist. I seen some of his stuff from Kidrobot, and i thought to myself, hey that name is pretty unique. So i decided to use it ;) . Everybody has been calling me upso since the beginning of middle school, so i just stood with it. People might think it's a stupid name or whatever, but i let them hate, because all they're doing is making my name get around 8-) . Well i'll try to post something everyday, so i'll have something up tomorrow ;D. - Steven V .

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